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Custom Trip Design

Want to travel Thailand on your own terms? Without a travel group, without a tour guide? Maybe all on your own, or with friends or family? We can help you to plan your perfect trip.

Those who just want to make a standard tourist vacation in Thailand can book with any package tour provider – but maybe you want to experience something unique, special and out of the ordinary.

We know our way around Thailand and can help you to make the most out of your trip. You don’t need to take care of things such a finding and booking accomodation, you don’t need to research how to get from A to B, or to figure out where to find good food, where to shop and so on.

We take care of everything – so that you can enjoy your trip fully relaxed and carefree.

And especially when you are looking for something out of the ordinary, our Custom Trip Design is the perfect choice for you.

Thailand has a lot to offer: Some people want to learn more about Thai silk. We can arrange for you to stay in a traditional silk weaving village, where you get to see the many steps that are involved in creating Thai silk. If you want, you can even take part in the process. This isn’t a staged show – these are women who have been weaving Thai silk since their childhood and still do it in the traditional ways.

Maybe you are interested in traditional Thai massage and want to learn more about it? There are thousands of schools in Thailand that offer courses, but we know which teachers really are masters of teaching this millennia old healing modality.

Or maybe you want to learn Thai cooking? We know people who teach, because they love food, and not because they want to make money. Decades of experience and a true passion for cooking will make sure that you will not just learn a lot, but also have loads of fun. And when you’re back home, you’ll amaze your friends and family with your newly acquired cooking skills.

Or maybe you are interested in Muay Thai, the traditional martial art of Thailand? We can find a master who can teach you in the traditional ways (although you have to be prepared for a painful and arduous training).

Maybe you want to learn more about Buddhism? Or even make a monastic retreat for a certain period of time? We know monks who can teach you Buddhist meditation.

Maybe you want to do some long term traveling or even take a sabbatical leave in Thailand, and you need help with visa requirements? Even here we’ll be glad to help you.

Or maybe you are looking for that paradise island, that is yet undiscovered. A secret insider tip, that those who know about usually don’t share, because it’s just too beautiful? We know Thailand’s island world inside out.

And if you want to marry in Thailand, or spend your honeymoon here – we can arrange everything for you. Many couples from all over the world visit Thailand each year to have the wedding of their dreams on a perfect beach. Whether you want to come with 50 guests or just the two of you – we can take care of everything for you.

All of this, and a lot more, we can arrange for you in Thailand. We create your custom tailored Thailand itinerary that matches your interests, your time frame and your budget – and we take care of all the bookings and formalities, so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

The first step: just send us a message and tell us what you want. The more details you provide us, the better we can advise you. Once we have received your message, we will get in touch with you to move on and create the perfect trip for you.

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