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Why wetours? « WeTours
Thailand Reisen
Call Us: +662 1677 230

Why wetours?

There are plenty of reasons why to travel with us.

We care about you

We are a team of experienced travel professionals – and we will out-care every other company. You will find bigger tour companies, tour companies who have been in business for many more years than us – but you won’t find a company that cares as much as we do about giving you the best holiday possible. You’re not just a name on a sheet of paper or a number in our accounting department – travel with us and we’ll treat you the same we we treat our friends and family. We’re passionate about helping you to make the most of your journey to Southeast Asia.

When you travel with wetours, you don’t just “go somewhere”. We don’t believe that travel is just about getting to some place – travel is as much about the people you meet as it is about the attractions you see.

At wetours it’s all about bringing awesome to awesome places and opening up awesome experiences to them. You’ll have a much more memorable trip and will be able to see things “normal” tourists don’t get to see – you can stay at a local families house and share their life, eat local food and get to know the songs of the people.

We care about the world

There are still plenty of beautiful places to visit in this world, and we contribute a small part to protecting mother earth. Since we’re located in Thailand, that’s where we’re most active, because we believe that we can apply the biggest leverage with local action.

Not so long ago, in 1961 53% of Thailand was covered by forest. In 1998 more than half of that forest had been destroyed – with only 25% forest cover remaining. We believe it’s important to care for nature and make sure that when we travel, we do so in an ecologically sustainable way.

We’re dedicated to supporting wildlife and thriving ecosystems through responsible tourism.

We care about cultures & communities

We collaborate with local people in all our destinations and support them to make a livelihood that matches their own culture’s way of life, instead of imposing “improvements” upon them.

We all are part of some local community, and we all wish that our community can stay intact, and that others respect our ways of life. Helping communities to flourish in while at the same time celebrating and cherishing their own cultures is something we care deeply about.

We’re specialists

We’ve traveled extensive through Thailand and most of our team members live and work here. We don’t just create a trip by study glossy brochures of hotels or reading reviews on the internet – we actually explore destinations ourselves and get to know the people there. The result is: you get in-depth, first-hand knowledge.

We work with awesome people

As many tour operators we work with local tour guides and suppliers in different regions of Thailand. We select our partners carefully to make sure that they match our standards and our clients’ expectations.

We create for you

We do have ready-made-trips for you, but we also know that every person is unique. There’s only one “you” in this world. And that’s why we are glad to create a trip especially for you. It might sound cheesy, but it’s really not about the money. Making a profit isn’t what drives us. What drives us is to create unforgettable, life-changing experiences.

We cherish cultural diversity and believe that every society has knowledge and wisdom worth preserving. If all you want to do is visit some tourist hilltribe village and pay a bit of money for taking a picture with a longneck woman – you really don’t need to travel with us. But if you want to experience something more authentic and get to know people who practice a different way of life, we can help you.

Our tours are a labor of love, and we’re confident that you’ll feel the difference. We don’t just go through the motions – we find joy in our work and take pride in it.

We’re a licensed and bonded

We’re licensed and bonded by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and are a registered business with the Department of Business Development.

So let’s talk together about your upcoming journey and what matters to you when you travel. We’ll be glad to help you design the trip of your dreams.