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Bangkok is a unique city. Multifarious and full of contrasts. Colorful and grey. Traditional and modern. Spiritual and materialistic. Chaotic and meditative. Repulsive and appealing. Vulgar and refined. Pushy and polite. Annoying and relaxing. Draining and rejuvenating. Tolerant and conservative. Bangkok is the city of paradox. Und whoever gets to know her well enough, never really leaves: cause she mesmerizes and captivates time and time again.

Some people are thrilled by the noisy tourist bustle of the Khaosan Road. Some people just want to stay as far away from it as possible.

Some people love to explore a remote district of Bangkok, where no other tourist goes and where life still goes on in the old ways. To scout the little food stalls with exotic foods, the unique little wooden houses along cozy waterways. And some people drive by and think: “So what?”

Some people are captivated by the Buddhist temples (and for those, we offer Bangkok historic centre temple tours), others just find them boring.

Some people love the exotic alleys of Chinatown, to stroll over the local markets and sample strange foods – for others, it’s just overwhelming.

We understand that a one-size-fits all Bangkok tour won’t enthuse anyone. That’s why we offer custom-tailored Bangkok tours that will exactly match your interests. With our Custom-Trip-Design you get your own, made-for-you Bangkok experience.

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