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The Chefs Run Wild Guys Cooking A Tom Yum Soup in Bangkok

The Chefs Run Wild Guys Cooking A Tom Yum Soup in Bangkok

Here’s a fun video from the guys of the tv-show Chefs Run Wild.¬†Clayton Klyne went to a food stall vendor and hijacked his little cooking place to show you how to make a Tom Yum soup.

The guys are definitely having a fun time, and it’s one of the things that many visitors love when they come to Thailand – Thai people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors.

Exploring Bangkok’s street food is a must when you’re here. You’ll often get incredibly delicious food for very low prices, freshly prepared. Even 5-star hotel chefs in Bangkok go to eat at these little street stalls, and they often watch how the vendors prepare their meals and “steal” some cooking techniques from them.

Every stall is different, and each place often has their own unique way of preparing a meal.

We from wetours love the spirit of the Chefs Without Borders and hope it’s infectious – because when you’re that open to interacting with the locals, you’ll have a good time for sure in Thailand.

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