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Thailand is good for you – your head, your body, your soul, your spirit, your emotions and your health. You’ll hardly find another place in the world where there are as many wellness and health facilities in all kinds of price and quality segments.

The millennia old art form of traditional Thai massage is still an important part of health care here. Joints get adjusted, your body’s energy flow harmonized, tired muscles get kneaded and stretched – and at the end you’ll feel like born anew.

Ayurvedic treatments, traditional Chinese medicine, Japanese shiatsu, yoga retreats, and so much more – if you want to recharge your batteries, Thailand is the right place for you.

Fresh fruits, meticulous and carefully concocted meals made from fresh organic ingredients, accurately matched to the individual requirements of your own body – and all of that, in a beautiful surrounding by the sea or in the mountains. Every little bit of stress and tension that is in your body right now will be replaced with a pleasant sense of well-being.

Let go of all the little everyday worries, far away from the hustle and bustle of normal life – and return full of fresh, new energy. If that sounds good to you, then our Custom Trip Design is just right for you.