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We offer tours in all regions of Thailand – because each region has something completely different and unique to offer.

Central Thailand

This is the area surrounding and including Bangkok. There are many interesting historical and cultural places to visit. The landscape here is rather flat and the land is fertile – perfect conditions for agriculture. Ayutthaya is Thailand’s old capital, and was in it’s best days one of the most magnificent and impressive cities in the world – until in 1767 it was nearly completely destroyed by Burmese warriors. If you are interested in history and architecture, this is a beautiful place to visit and to explore the many temples and ruins here.

The North

The southern branch of the Himalayan mountain range makes this “the Switzerland of Thailand”. Fertile mountain valleys, gentle flowing rivers and plenty of hot springs are responsible for the picturesque landscape.

The Northeast: Isaan

This is the least touristically developed – and least visited – area of Thailand. Most people here make their living as farmers and speak a language that in many ways is more closely related to Laotian rather than Thai. Paddy fields as far as the eye can see. Old women who sit underneath their stilted wooden houses, weaving traditional Thai silk. And no matter how hard the work: there’s always that popular smile of the Isaan people.

The South

For most people, Southern Thailand means beaches, islands and the sea. But the mainland has a lot to offer too. Thanks to the fertile soil here, farmers can live well from the fruits of their own labor and continue their own traditional ways of life. Along the coast, you find many small and cozy fisherman’s villages. And large parts of the region are perfect examples of how two religions can live in peaceful and harmonious coexistence together: because even though more than 90% of all Thai people are Buddhists, the Southern regions are largely populated by muslims.

It’s also true however, that there are in deed many heavenly islands. And the hospitality of the Thai people will make you appreciate all the beautiful things this country has to offer even more.