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Those who love the sea, love Thailand – a land with dozens of paradise islands. Some islands are highly touristically developed, others are still pretty much undiscovered.
Coral diving? Exploring a colorful underwater world? Laying on a beach that looks just as if it would be the template of those “paradise postcards”? Turquoise waters, romantic sunsets, barbequed seafood, island hopping on a longtailboat… you can do all that and so much more in Thailand.

Ko Chang

Ko Chang is the second largest island of Thailand and located in the East nearly Cambodia. The island is touristically quite developed, but there are still good areas for those who want to a quiet place away from the tourist hustle and bustle. If you want to mix and mingle with travelers from all over the world, enjoy good food and have a wide range of activities, Ko Chang is great. If you are a bit on the adventurous side, you can explore the 744 meter (or 2440 feet) high mountain that is covered with dense jungle. Here you can still find (and meet or be bitten by) wild macaque monkeys and other jungle inhabitants. The island pretty much has something to offer for everyone.

Ko Lanta

Ko lanta is located south-east of Phuket in Southern Thailand. It’s about 25 kilometers long, pretty flat and for some reason particularly popular with Scandinavians. The beaches are not as breathtaking as those of many other on the surrounding islands, but they are long, clean and still very nice. It’s also a good spot for diving, although not as good as Koh Tao.

Ko Lipe

Ko Lipe is a beautiful little island in the South of Thailand that’s growing in popularity. The island has quite a relaxed and friendly vibe, you hear reggea music on the beaches, and if you come now, you still get to experience this little jewel before heavy touristic development kicks in.

Ko Samet

This is a popular weekend getaway for Bangkok Thais. It takes around four hours to get here, and once here, you have plenty of opportunity to relax on long, white sandy beaches, enjoy the many nightlife choices and the fresh seafood. Young backpackers from all over the world and Thais share their drinks here together and have a good time.