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Adventures in Taste

If you are a foodie, you are going to love Thailand. The Thai people have a love for food, and they are not shy when it comes to integrating ideas, ingredients and influences from other cultures. There probably isn’t a single country in the world that hasn’t already for centuries been so much of a fusion cuisine as Thailand.

The rich soil, tropical climate and long coastline all provide Thailand with plenty of local herbs, fruits, vegetables and spices, and it’s past as an important trading hub has brought recipes from all over the world into this country.

It’s a play of flavor, texture and temperature with each bite. There is no monotony. Often one mouthful is sweet, sour, salty, spicy and slightly bitter at the same time. It stimulates all of your taste buds simultaneously. And oftentimes the texture is both crispy and soft, the temperatures both hot and cold. Some people say it’s like having sex with every part of your body.

It’s also a highly creative cuisine. Substitution and experimentation are an integral part of Thai cooking. This is very different from Japanese cooking for example, which is both an art and a science. The Japanese strive for perfectionism in every meal. Every ingredient should come from just the right source, be at just the right stage of the ripening process, with an exact amount to be used for any given dish. It’s very accurate. Thai food is much more like jazz, there is a lot of improvisation going on, it’s impromptu food.

What’s more – there are many regional variations. Most people think of Curries, Coconut milk soup and pad Thai when they think of Thai food – but there is a whole universe of thousands of meals and dishes to discover. Each region, district, village and even family have their own variations of preparing certain meals. Families often take great pride into modifying an existing dish to turn it into their families “signature meal”, and these recipes are guarded like state secrets. However, when they pass away, they “release” these secret recipes and the knowledge is being shared with the public.

When you come to Thailand, you will see foods in all shapes and sizes, all kinds of settings, quality and price levels. Interesting enough, price is often not at all related to quality, and if you know where, you can find exquisite food for very low prices. The thing that is most expensive when it comes to Thai food is usually just the setting, the ambience.

Thai street food is famous the world over. Many celebrity and Michelin star chefs – both Thai and international – who work in Thailand publicly admit that some of the best food is being served on the streets, and they even studied from the street food vendors to learn about certain cooking techniques and dishes.

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