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Thailand: Best Food-Country in the World (Says Lonely Planet… and wetours)

Thailand is definitely the land for foodies. Recently the Lonely Planet team did a round up of the best food countries to travel. And guess which country topped them all?

Well, yes… Thailand 🙂

Here’s what they say:

Standing at the crossroads of India, China and Oceania, Thai cuisine is like a best-of of all three’s techniques and ingredients. Dishes generally go in hard with garlic and chillies (especially the phrik khii nuu variety, which literally translates as ‘mouseshit peppers’). Other signature ingredients include lime juice, coriander and lemon grass, which give the cuisine its characteristic tang. Legendary fish sauce or shrimp paste looks after the salt.

It’s followed by Greece, China, France, Spain, Mexico, Italy, India, Japan, Indonesia & Malaysia. I’m sure different people have different opinions about that – I for one would give Japan a much better rating.

But we fullheartedly agree that Thailand is awesome for foodies. Every day, we indulge ourselves in foods that we… well, honestly, sometimes wonder whether we really deserved them or not. It’s a culinary paradise, and our taste buds are in a constant state of bliss.

If you are a foodie too, and you’re about to visit Thailand – please check out our Adventures in Taste – the ultimate Thai food tour. The best way for a foodie tourist to explore a new city is with a foodie local 😉

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