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Sci-Fi Bangkok

Bangkok is an incredibly exciting place to visit, and one reason is that there is always something new happening. This place attracts creative people magnetically, because it’s vibrant and alive, and at the same time you find ancient traditions and old temples.

And then, you find things from the future too; like this sci-fi movie.

Stephan Zlotescu and Christopher Sewall did a good job of capturing scenes from the city and turning them into a strange futuristic world.

This short-movie was now picked up by Warner Brothers and will be made into a full-length feature movie with a big budget.

And “human enhancement”  – the mixing of digital technology with the organic human body – is already happening, and not at all science fiction:

If you’ve been to Bangkok before, here’s a question of you: do you recognize any of the locations where this movie was shot?

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