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Krabi is a province in southern Thailand, about 815 km from Bangkok.

Krabi is very popular tourist destination because it has a lot to offer: you find beautiful beaches here, as well as a vibrant city life and many natural attractions.

One of the most popular beaches in Krabi is the Ao Nang beach – located on the mainland. It’s just a 20 minute car ride from Krabi town.

Once you’re in Ao Nang and still want more beach, get on a long-tail boat. Cruise among the beautiful scenery until you reach the Railay peninsula after about half an hour. There are plenty of beautiful beaches, the most popular and stunning of them being Ton Sai beach where nature has created one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth.

The Phra Nang cave can also be found on the Railay peninsula, and there are plenty of rock climbing opportunities.

About 6 kilometers away from Ao Nang you find Nopparat Thara beach. This is a very long beach – divided by a river which leads into the ocean. However, during low tide this river dries up and connects the two parts into a beach that’s around 5 kilomters (3.1 miles) long. That’s why this place is also called Klong Haeng (which means “dry river” in Thai).

The most Southern islands of Krabi province are the Lanta islands. This is a group of more than 50 islands, the biggest and most popular one being Koh Lanta Yai. Other popular islands of the group are Koh Taleng Beng, Mu Koh Hah (the 5 islands with coral gardens), Koh Ngai, Koh Rock Nai and Koh Rock Nok.

And then there are the Phi Phi islands: one of the most stunning tourist attractions in the world. If you take a long-tail boat from Ao Nang it takes about 2 hours to get here. The island Phi Phi Leh (sometimes also written Phi Phi Ley) is a is absolutely free of human inhabitants, and it’s also where the famous movie “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio was shot. The biggest island of this group is Phi Phi Don, and there are no roads here. Turn of your phone, take of your watches and enjoy nature. Koh Phi Phi Bamboo island (sometimes also called

Phi Phi islands are something that you definitely should not miss. One of the best tourist destination in the world. It takes about 2 hours from Ao Nang by long tail-boat.  Phi Phi Leh is absolutely free of the human ingabitants and has the famous Maya beach (from the movie “Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio). Phi Phi Don (largest Phi Phi Island) is island without roads, so turn off your phones, hide watches and feel pure nature. Koh Pai (sometimes also written Koh Bpai or Koh Bai) is often referred to as “Bamboo Island” and is surrounded by a beautiful coral reef – it’s uninhabited too, with the exception of a National Park warden house and has the kinds of beaches you usually find only on postcards 😉

There’s also the Krabi river which is always busy with activity of fishing- and taxi-boats and ferries going to the Andaman Sea. It meanders through two steep 100 meter high hills, which are called Khao Khanap Nam. 100 meters doesn’t sound like a lot, but it looks magnificent when you see it.

And Krabi province still has more to offer: like Su-San Hoi, the shell fossil beach or shell cemetery. Here you’ll see huge slabs which consist of fossilized shells from 75 million years ago.

And then there are the Klong Thom hot springs in the jungle – they’re about 70 kilometers away from Krabi, near the Khao Phra Bang Khram nature reserve. These natural mineral water hot springs flow into a small pool where you can let the stress melt away from your body in the 35°C – 40°C hot water.

The Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea) is 9 kilometers out of town, and once you’re there you have to take 1237 steps to get to the top in order to enjoy the great view. It’s a popular meditation temple nowadays.

Krabi has plenty of activities to choose from, whether you want to go scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling, trekking, fishing, boating, kayaking…


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