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How To Get To Koh Kood?

How To Get To Koh Kood?

Koh Kood is one of our favorite places to be pampered and enjoy a quiet island getaway. It’s a big island, but carefully developed in terms of tourism, and you won’t find plenty of bars or clubs on the island like in many other islands.

We often recommend the island to our friends and clients if they want to spend some relaxing time in a place that’s both quiet and peaceful, but also has comfortable to luxurious accommodation to offer.

But how to get to Koh Kood island?

There really are several ways, but the first thing you should know is this:

Arrive early if you don’t want to spend the night in Trat! The last boat to Koh Kood island leaves from the pier around 13:00 (please check in advance), so make sure that you are at the pier no later than 12:15 (so you have time to buy tickets, go to the toilet, etc.) (Also, see disclaimer below please).

By Airplane

The fastest way is to get on a plane from Bangkok and fly to Trat. From Trat airport you can get on a van that will bring you to the boat pier. Be aware that sometimes (depending on the driver) these vans drive really fast, so if you don’t feel comfortable on a speeding van this might not be the best option for you. The van ride to Laem Sok (where the pier is) takes about 30 minutes (distance is about 30km), but you either have to wait till the van leaves or charter a complete van (which is more expensive) if you want to move directly from the airport.

How much?

Prices for the flight vary depending upon when you fly, but on average expect tTo pay around 3500 Baht per person for a one-way-flight. Prices for the transfer from Trat airport to the boat pier vary too, but expect to pay around 250 Baht per person.

By Bus

The cheapest option to get to Koh Kood is to go by bus, but it’s also the most lengthy and tiring way to get there. If you don’t mind, we recommend you take the bus from the Eastern Bus Terminal, located at the BTS station Ekamai. You can call +66 (0) 2391 2504 or +66 (0) 2391 4164 to ask about the exact schedule, but sometimes the person at the end of the line won’t really speak English well.

You can also go from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit), but it’s often a long taxi drive to get there and you can end up getting stuck in a traffic jam easily. However, if you want you can call  ++(0) 2537 8055 or +66 (0) 2936 2852-6 for more information.

By Private Van

If you go with a group of people, hiring a private van might be the best option because they can pick you up directly at your hotel and drop you off directly at the boats pier, so need to change your mode of transporation several times.

An air-conditioned van from your hotel in Bangkok to the boat pier for up to 9 passengers (although Thai people often travel with as many as 15 people in one of these vans) costs around 4500 Baht (contact us if you want to charter your own van with driver).

From Laem Sok Pier to Koh Kood

There are 2 boats departing from Laem Sok Pier to Koh Kood. The price for both is 350 Baht per person. The first one is departing at 11am and arrives in Koh Kood around 13:00. Phone: +66 (0)8 1835 4517

The second boat departs from Laem Sok pier at 12:30 and arrives at Koh Kood around 13:45 (it’s a faster boat). Phone (Koh Kood Express): +66 (0) 81 982 7972

Now you know how to get to Koh Kood island.

Disclaimer: Please call advance to re-confirm the departure times and prices (they can often change).

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