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Happy Thanksgiving Day from Thailand :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Day from Thailand :-)

Now Thanksgiving is not a Thai-festival. But a sense gratitude is deeply ingrained into Thai culture. And we from wetours count our blessings every day. I personally practice what I like to call my daily gratefulness meditation.

Thai’s don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But gratitude is one of the main elements of each festival in Thailand. On new year, Thai people express gratitude towards the elders and ancestors. On “Wai Khru” day students express gratitude toward their teachers.

And many Thai’s think positive thoughts and thank the spirits for the blessings in their life each each day when they make small offerings to little spirit houses or shrines.

So to keep this short, we’ll leave you with a simple question that we hope you will reflect on many days of your life: what are you grateful for today?

The right answer should put a smile on your face 🙂

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