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Private Tour Guide

You want your own, personal tour guide for your Thailand vacation? Someone, who is always there for you when you need him? Someone who knows his way around, can translate into English for you, knows where to find good food, interesting sights and someone who knows the “real” prices (rather than inflated tourist prices)?

Whether you want to explore Thailand spontaneously or already have precise plans – it will always be a benefit to travel with a local who can assist you to explore the country your own way, rather than the typical tourist way.

With a person tour guide in Bangkok and Thailand, you enjoy more comfort and convenience, because you don’t have to take care of all the little tasks. Every wetours tour guide is service-minded and enjoys helping Thailand visitors to discover the beauty this country has to offer in your own, individual way.

You enjoy the benefit of making all the decisions yourself, you’re completely flexible and free – and you don’t have to subordinate yourself to the collective wish of a travel group or a predetermined itinerary. But what you do have is direct access into the real Thai culture, and you are able to see and experience things that other Thailand visitors hardly ever know about.

Even if a personal tour guide will cost you money at first – in the end, he or she could very well save you money – and more important: time – because you simply won’t fall for typical “tourist traps”. And apart of all that: your vacation will be many times more memorable.

All wetours tour guides are professionally trained tourist guides. They are trained, examined and certified by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and have a thorough understanding and knowledge of Thai culture and history. Plus, they are specialized on making people from foreign cultures acquainted with their own country. They are not, however, “escort ladies” or baggage handlers.

You can choose whether you want a talent, creative or artistic tour guide.

Talent Tour Guide: 1900 Baht per day
A talent tour guide is a young, certified tour guide, who will be by your side with enthusiasm and expert knowledge. The right choice for people who want a reliable helper and contact person with them all the time, who can translate, make arrangements and give interesting information about points of interest and Thai food and culture.
(1900 Baht approximately $60 or €45)
Creative Tour Guide: 3000 Baht per day
Creative tour guides already have several years of experience and, and thus will provide you with an ever higher level of knowledge and expertise.
(3000 Baht approximately $98 or €77)
Artistic Tour Guide: 8000 Baht per day
An Artistic Tour Guide is a true master in his field of expertise. He or she has highly specialized knowledge that is of interest to you and many years of experience – which can help to create extraordinary, absolutely unique high quality travel experiences that simply are not possible otherwise. Depending upon your wishes and interests, this could be a university professor, an artist, a museum curator, an ethnologist, a fashion designer, a botanist…
(8000 Baht approximately $260 or €205)

Additional expenses may apply (example: transport costs or admission tickets, depending upon the activities you chose and places you want to visit – but in most cases, this is a minor and transparent cost factor).

Just let us know what you want to do and what matters to you when you book a personal tour guide, and we will find the perfect tour guide for you.

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