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Free Bikes For Rent in Bangkok

Free Bikes For Rent in Bangkok

Cycling is slowly becoming more popular in Bangkok. Sure, it’s a hot city, it’s crowded, there are too many cars and the idea of designated bicycle lines hasn’t really taken foot in Thailand – but at least steps are being taken in the right direction. You’ll soon be able to rent a free bicycle at several stations in Bangkok.

This project is mainly aimed to residents, because there is an initial 300 Baht membership fee you have to pay in order to rent the bicycles. But everybody will benefit from this, even short-time visitors, because it can help to make the city (a little bit) greener.

This bike rental service is modeled after the French Velib project, which helped to reduce the use of private cars in Paris. In Paris there are now 1800 stations and 23000 bicycles – so Bangkok still has a long way to go.

Bangkok starts out with 100 bikes which will be available beginning October 28. Within the next four months there will be 50 rental stations around Bangkok to be established and a total of 330 bikes, and you can rent a bike anytime between 6am to midnight.

We love the idea, because we know from our Bangkok bicycle tours that exploring the city by bike can be a great experience, and you’ll be able to see places you otherwise wouldn’t see.


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