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Foot massage walking path in Lumphini Park Bangkok

Foot massage walking path in Lumphini Park Bangkok

Even though you can get really cheap foot massages in Bangkok, sometimes even cheap is too expensive. So what’s cheaper than cheap? Well, how about the (free) foot massage walking path in Lumphini park. Truth be told, there won’t be anyone actually massaging your feet – but the stones do it for you.

Now the thing is – we put our feet in these fancy shoes, and while they look good, they aren’t always really good for our health. After all, we humans were made to walk bare-feet. And when we wrap our feet up into shoes all the time, a lot of the small muscle groups in our feet don’t really get exercised and the muscles we’re actually supposed to use atrophy.

When you walk on this foot massage walking path the first time, and you’re not used to walking barefoot, it can actually be a bit painful at first. But your feet will quickly adapt, and afterwards you’ll feel really great – your feet and legs will be energized and feel kind of warm from the inside.

In traditional Asian medicinal systems, it is believed that the flow of energy in the body is an important factor contributing to health and disease. And they also believe that this energy flow can be manipulated by pressing certain reflexology points, many of them are located in the soles of our feet. So by walking on these paths, your body’s energy flow get’s stimulated – although in a more general sense, and not as specific as it can be done by a skilled acupressure practitioner.

So when you make visiting Lumphini park part of your Bangkok vacation, give your feet a little joy and walk the path 🙂


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